Happy Birthday Sagittarius! 20 Gifts for the Most Social, Well-Traveled Sign in the Cosmos

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What’s optimistic and curious and blunt all over? Here’s looking at you Sagittarians! In case your overzealous and enthusiastic Sag friends haven’t already tipped you off, Sagittarius season (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) has arrived.

The fire sign is known to be full of power and light, highly creative, and even more energetic. Born leaders, Sagittarians are charismatic and courageous, as well. That said, Sags aren’t all ego (although they definitely have strong ones).

“Deeply philosophical, this sign rules higher education, publishing, and broadcasting—all areas dealing with intellectual pursuits,” says Healthytreatrecipes’s in-house astrologer Susan Miller. “As the zodiac’s adventurer, Sagittarius is no stay-at-home. They were born to travel far and wide, for the Sagittarius mind is very active and craves new experiences.”

Your Sagittarius bestie will adore anything that ignites their wanderlust or adds to their party-loving personality. Think unexpected travel guides, chic suitcases, attention-grabbing (but comfortable!) outfits, and decor to display their favorite memories with friends.

So spend some time spoiling the Nicki Minaj or Taylor Swift in your life this month with a bevy of gifts perfect for our outspoken but lovable loved ones.


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